The Christ Becoming

Tonight is the coming of Love into the world. The Word become flesh. The birth of the Word in the Soul. He was a gift to Judaism and now he is their gift to those who call themselves Christians. We that follow in his way. The Way of Love and of Peace.  St. Paul calls him the hidden self that he prays will grow strong in each of us. The Christ-self. His name was Jesus. He is called the Christ.  The messiah, the savior. With each Christ-coming season we begin him again. We attend to the manger of our selves so that his Spirit might be born, grow and strengthen within us. And so tonight and tomorrow he becomes who he was as the man Jesus again in us. He came as a child, small, vulnerable, dependent, apart from the traps and trappings of the world. He is the star charting our way out of the darkness, away from the cold. The only thing, the only person whose Spirit and Life can save. This is saving is simply that we come to the absolute awareness of ourselves as something sacred. Because we are image and likeness.   In Jesus the Christ we are ever in the nativity of the nearness of God. And all the shining symbols of the season say this to us.

May this season and the year to come bring Love and Peace in your life and the Blessings of his Spirit be with you now and always.


Joseph’s Tomb

Joseph's bones

I was distressed to hear that Joseph’s Tomb, where his bones are supposed to be buried, after the Israelites carried them as he requested, into the new land they were to inhabit, had been bombed and set on fire. How is it that art work and artifacts and sacred sites are now the target of animosity and warring? Is nothing sacred. Or were they ever? How is it religious wars still rage after thousands of years. Does anyone pause long enough to see that what they are tearing each other apart for is what holds them together, or should be uniting them, rather than setting them against one another.

Joseph’s tomb has been the site of conflict over the centuries. The issue being – to whom do Joseph’s bones belong? What faith claims him? Can any one faith lay claim to Joseph and his bones. Moses carried them beyond Egypt. Beyond Egypt what they had encountered in the wilderness was to go out to all the world.

Joseph’s tomb has been the a venerated site for centuries by Jews, Christians, Samaritans and Muslims. All claim rights to the tomb and at one time or another have paid homage to the last patriarch.

‘The walls of the interior covered with the names of pilgrims, representing almost every land and language; though the Hebrew character was the most prominent one.’ (Wikipedia) From my interest in Joseph’s story, I find it interesting that so many people, different people, different faith, identify in one way or another with Joseph. And rightfully so. For his journey is the journey we all make. His story is the story of the journey the soul makes to become authentic and whole. Joseph is now  a symbol for everyone. I am Joseph. You are Joseph. We are all Joseph. His story is our story.

And whatever happens to the site (or sites) where his bones are said to be buried, one thing will endure untrammeled:his story.

The Sign of the Cross

Original water color by Cathie Horrell

Original watercolor by Cathie Horrell

If a picture speaks louder than word, the  image above says it all on the subject of rejection.

This is the sign of some people’s ‘no’ – their rejection of Jesus. It is also a sign of God’s ‘yes’ – his acceptance of Jesus, and not only of Jesus, but of us. God’s yes as we see at Easter, is greater than any ‘no’.