Joseph’s Tomb

Joseph's bones

I was distressed to hear that Joseph’s Tomb, where his bones are supposed to be buried, after the Israelites carried them as he requested, into the new land they were to inhabit, had been bombed and set on fire. How is it that art work and artifacts and sacred sites are now the target of animosity and warring? Is nothing sacred. Or were they ever? How is it religious wars still rage after thousands of years. Does anyone pause long enough to see that what they are tearing each other apart for is what holds them together, or should be uniting them, rather than setting them against one another.

Joseph’s tomb has been the site of conflict over the centuries. The issue being – to whom do Joseph’s bones belong? What faith claims him? Can any one faith lay claim to Joseph and his bones. Moses carried them beyond Egypt. Beyond Egypt what they had encountered in the wilderness was to go out to all the world.

Joseph’s tomb has been the a venerated site for centuries by Jews, Christians, Samaritans and Muslims. All claim rights to the tomb and at one time or another have paid homage to the last patriarch.

‘The walls of the interior covered with the names of pilgrims, representing almost every land and language; though the Hebrew character was the most prominent one.’ (Wikipedia) From my interest in Joseph’s story, I find it interesting that so many people, different people, different faith, identify in one way or another with Joseph. And rightfully so. For his journey is the journey we all make. His story is the story of the journey the soul makes to become authentic and whole. Joseph is now  a symbol for everyone. I am Joseph. You are Joseph. We are all Joseph. His story is our story.

And whatever happens to the site (or sites) where his bones are said to be buried, one thing will endure untrammeled:his story.


I Am Joseph: Shepherd, Dreamer, Savior

I Am Joseph CVR Cover

On my Home Page for this site and in my Letter to Reads you will read not just what this blog is about, but also my sensibilities about the changing face of religion and spirituality today.

I wish to bring a renewed perspective, fresh language and way of speaking about our faith-life that might reach a broad audience of believers, seekers and sojourners. From here to chart a faith-life that is truer to the fingerprint of the Creator upon our lives and follow the footfall left for us in the journey of those entrusted to tell the story of the deity along with their own.

I see in the stories of the scriptures of all faiths, our humanity mirrored there, the why and wherefore of the journey through the symbols and images employed to convey, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and socially, a way to enrich and edify our lives and deepen our understanding of this journey to wholeness and well-being we are all on together.  To search the ancient texts and what we have come to know about the human person, psyche and spirit,  heart and soul, for what it really means to be a spiritual being no matter what faith you make your home in, no matter where you find yourself, worshipping in traditional or non-traditional ways.

With this approach to the bible in mind, I have written and just had published my first book.  It is entitled  I Am Joseph: Shepherd, Dreamer, Savior.

It follows the story of Joseph’s journey, told in the final chapters of Genesis, from one of twelve brothers to the great vizier of Egypt. This new reading introduces a way for contemporary readers of the bible to empower faith today and arrive at a healthy and balanced spirituality. Through trials of the heart and tests of endurance Joseph goes from shepherd boy lording his dreams over his family to a wise and compassionate man who will shepherd his family to safety and save a hungry world. As we read along we learn how to read our dreams, the language of the soul. In this tale of love and hate, betrayal and forgiveness, Joseph shows us how to navigate the challenges life throws up in our path and how to become wise and heroic.

You can purchase this ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and ebooks2Go.

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