Cathie’s Quotes


The following are my thoughts over the years as I reflect on life, letters, poetry, art and life. (which at heart, in my heart, are the same reality).                                                                            – Cathie

Our dreams are written on the heart of God.

Our minds are only a tool in the service of the heart.

We flail about, wing-battered, until we soar on the sure knowledge of our way home, our final migration.

All  things are eventually redeemed in the heart of God.

Creativity and faith ask of us our whole being.

Faith is the adventure of becoming whose we are.

If we live long enough in the story, it begins to live in us.

Wisdom comes not when you sit quietly in solitude or prayer, but when you’ve gotten up and are folding laundry.

Art galleries should be more like churches, and churches more like art galleries.

What you give your heart to is the measure of your becoming.

Your greatest ally is the pen in which you have dipped your own humanity.

Knowledge can only take us so far; it is the heart that must make the rest of the journey.

You know what God really did to punish Eve? He had Cain and Abel go through puberty while she went through menopause.

We must not rush to make every imprecision a virtue nor every evil a classroom.

Why ramble in prose while the heart of the matter is in poetry.

The real art of self-definition begins when our own closely held identity is shattered and we regain it in the sacred Self, in image and likeness.  

 Saturday morning, imagine the possibilities.

We don’t go to heaven. We become heaven.

God is not an extraterrestrial.

God is our Now.



All the writing, quotes, artwork and photography are the work of the author unless otherwise stated. Scripture readings are from the Jerusalem Bible.
This work, including its contents, may not be used, reproduced, duplicated, displayed or distributed without the express written permission of the author.




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