About Me


I am a artist, writer, poet and educator.  I have masters in biblical studies and in spirituality. I am fed and worship with a welcoming and vibrant Episcopalian community, Episcopenguins, as one of my daughter’s friends calls it. My writing centers on biblical journey narratives as a way of articulating a healthy and balanced faith-life. In July of 2015 I published my first book entitled I Am Joseph: Shepherd, Dreamer, Savior. It is available as an e-book where fine e-books are sold. You can read several of my poems that have been published on Bearings Online, from the Collegeville Institute. I was a resident scholar at Collegeville’s Institute for Ecumenical Studies in the Spring of 2016, where I worked on my second book, Who Do You Say That I Am.  My titles are taken from the name of the god of Israel : Yahweh. I Am Who Am.

I work in the belief that it is possible to reach back to the our sacred writings and sift through the centuries of debris that cover the sacred texts, there to find in the earliest stories of our spiritual ancestors the origins of the sacred design that we are.  Someone said we have become untethered from the scriptures. I believe it is vital to our lives and the survival of the plant to make this connection stronger and more vital. To search the memory of an  ancient archive to unearth its unfulfilled relevance for our lives today.  From here to develop a spirituality that is truer to the fingerprint of the Creator upon our lives and follow the footfall left for us in the journey of those entrusted to tell the story of the deity along with their own. To know that the gift was not lost when we left the garden.


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