Image and Likeness

   stained glass   The writers of scripture had a deep awareness when they told the creation of story and let it be known the human person has been created in image and likeness. Every story that follows, it seems to me, is the story of what this means. What this looks like in the real world. It is lived out on the pages of a story. The story of who we are.

To follow Jesus as the Christ seems to mean to be an authentic human being, a person who is aware of their own sacred nature and lives one’s life attending to one’s life as it is given them.

More simply put, to be authentic and to know oneself a sacred.

To know oneself as sacred and meant. How knowing this makes a difference in how we live our lives.

To be aware, to acknowledge the divinity that we are so that we might touch the true heights and depths of our humanity, and know ourselves as a gift and a promise to the world; the promise that we can become all we are meant to be within the world of the sacred. That we can become all we are meant to be in God. A world not beyond, but within. Here and now. A world we can see and touch. The beckoning beyond of every horizon.

The quest and the challenge is ever the same. To come to realize what it means to be fully human.

This coming year I’d like to explore not what Jesus was but who he was. For who he was is who we are. A man much like you and I. A man with a mission. A man who walked the earth. A man whose spirit remains. A man who believed strongly in something. A man who tried to tell those who would listen what that was. He was a man with a purpose. A purpose in life, that informed who he was and what he did. On some level I don’t think we can say his mission is ours. What  he came to do is not ours to do. But on another level, to the extent we have been created in image and likeness, to the extent Jesus was sacredness incarnate, a human person living in the world, then we might be able to say that  his purpose is that of every human person. Perhaps this year we can get closer to the Way to the Truth about Life.


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