The Christ Becoming

Tonight is the coming of Love into the world. The Word become flesh. The birth of the Word in the Soul. He was a gift to Judaism and now he is their gift to those who call themselves Christians. We that follow in his way. The Way of Love and of Peace.  St. Paul calls him the hidden self that he prays will grow strong in each of us. The Christ-self. His name was Jesus. He is called the Christ.  The messiah, the savior. With each Christ-coming season we begin him again. We attend to the manger of our selves so that his Spirit might be born, grow and strengthen within us. And so tonight and tomorrow he becomes who he was as the man Jesus again in us. He came as a child, small, vulnerable, dependent, apart from the traps and trappings of the world. He is the star charting our way out of the darkness, away from the cold. The only thing, the only person whose Spirit and Life can save. This is saving is simply that we come to the absolute awareness of ourselves as something sacred. Because we are image and likeness.   In Jesus the Christ we are ever in the nativity of the nearness of God. And all the shining symbols of the season say this to us.

May this season and the year to come bring Love and Peace in your life and the Blessings of his Spirit be with you now and always.


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