Songs of Wonder

St. Paul preaches the Christ to the world. But it is with songs and poetry, puzzlement and wonder, that St. Luke, companion to St. Paul,  uses the narrative art in his gospel, his good news, to give us the story of Jesus’ birth.  It is the story of praise and prophecy, of promise and fulfillment. But primarily, it is the story of the creative spirit of Yahweh, manifesting itself in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, as it brings about the improbably advent of renewed hope and life to the people who needed, wanted and longed for a Savior. They were waiting for him. So that some thirty years later when he appeared on the horizon of their  lives, they would recognize him as one sent to set the captives free, to feed the hungry and to proclaim that this is God’s world, his reign, both in the created universe and in the created domain of our hearts. We are the reign of God in the world to the extent that we touch others with the spirit of this season.

It is the recognition of this new life, brought about by the Holy Spirit that brings this recognition, worship and wonder, into the lives of those who first touched Jesus and would be touched by him.

The songs of the season announce again another birth. The birth of the Word in the soul. In our hearts and lives. Will we recognize him when he comes?


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