The Transformative Power of Story

stained glass    Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share the story of Joseph, the lowly shepherd boy who was the first person in our shared creation stories to become fully human. Of course, I am speaking of Joseph, the biblical character, who shows us what it means to become fully human.

As I stand a bit apart from the book I have written about Joseph’s journey from a younger son of many sons, to the great vizier of Egypt, where he spent a good deal of his life as a servant or in Pharaoh’s prison, I see that my reflections on Joseph’s journey holds out to you the power of transformation.

This power to transform in I Am Joseph, Shepherd, Dreamer, Savior is, like the many images that weave their way through the story, many layered.

  • You will become aware that the pattern of Joseph’s life is the pattern at work in the depths of every human person, yourself included.
  • You are shown how to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.
  • You will discover the whole-making process at work in the creation of the human person and what that means for a healthier and more balanced spiritual life today.
  • You will come to understand that our sacred design is necessarily inclusive of the feminine, the world of matter, our bodies, and our sexuality.
  • You will learn to read the language of the soul. And see that we are seeded with our saving from our genesis in the world.
  • Joseph is the key to understanding the scriptures that follow.
  • The dreams in the story reveal the birthing of human consciousness and its role in the whole-making process not only of one individual but of the larger world as well.
  • You are shown how this reading is a corrective to the current challenges facing Western Christianity, with a fuller and truer understanding of the sacred in its earliest expressions.
  • Understanding this story is fast becoming crucial to the future of our churches and the very survival of the planet.

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