Room to Bloom

Day Lily for blog    The work of creation continues. Our bibles should not have a back cover, because the stories of each of our sacred journeys goes on.

We need to have some of the uncreated space in Genesis within us yet. So the Creator might breath new life into us. A greater horizon of being that always lies just ahead. So that we are the widening arc of creation. With some ‘open’ within us we remain available for inspiration. For the in-spiring of the Spirit. A space and place where everything and anything can happen. Where the sacred can make its claim upon us. A place that has not yet become overgrown with too many non-essentials. A place where time can stand still; where we enter into the timeless. A place as wide as the vistas of a soul. An opening where the creator can continue to mix the palette and color us once more, and stands back and says, this is good.

For as St. Paul reminds us we are God’s work of art, created to have life in abundance.


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