Dream On

  night sky  In St. Paul’s letters Christ is the images of a person human, whole and sacred. To live in Christ is to live in one’s depths, in one’s creative depths. To live In Christ is to activate the creative energies of the spirit. Then to  live within the Reality that is the Christ-self that Paul says ‘hides’ within us is to come into the environment of grace, the environments of the spirit of Christ. As we come to this awareness in our lives we are paying attention and enabling its growth within us. Jesus as the Christ is our image of the sacred self. The sacred self that we are. That we all have within us. We have only to tap into it in order to make its presence known in our lives. One place we find the sacred self in our dreams.

We have invented language, some say we have invented God, But we cannot invent our dreams. They invent us. Like the stars and moon, the sacred self, that becoming thing within us, shines out from our nightly dreams, pointing the way, with the promise of inner harmony, synthesis and integration. The Self has a passion for wholeness, inclusion. In dreams it gives inklings of what can be realized, a hope for that which is not yet seen: one’s true identity. By the promptings of the dreams, we embark upon the adventure of self-discovery and trust the leadings of the sacred self, both as guiding spirit and goal of our becoming. It is the task of each individual to become who one is meant to be. To discover oneself as both sacred and human, and shrink from neither. We do this with the resources bestowed upon creation, and forge into consciousness our unique identities in the world.

This is what is truly worship. A life devotion to the whole-making energies within us. Paying attention to the sacred self, the Christ-self, within. Writing or musing over one’s dreams is a way to enter into the dreams as the language of the soul. Just like the stories of the scriptures are the language of the soul; the way we read them today so that we might enter into the sacred ground. A devotion to the sacred self as it is ever emerging within us and as it comes into view before us. If we can but attune ourselves as it shows itself  in the world of nature and other people. We just need to be paying attention. It is a life worth worthy of all our attention.




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