Captivated by Christ – Part I

cropped-pond-at-the-farm-21.jpg        In Romans Paul touches on our next topic for transformation. In Christ, he tells, we are transformed from slavery (slavery to the old ways, to the old Law) to the freedom that is now ours in Christ. Beyond freedom we becomes heirs of the kingdom. (Romans 6:15-23). In the next chapter of Romans he talks about being freed of the written code to a new life in the Spirit. But it is in Romans 8:1 that he sums this up. ..the law of the Spirit of Christ has set you free from the law of sin and death. The Spirit flows like a symphony through Paul’s letters, the repeated refrain of our lives transformed in the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit that remains with us yet today. At Pentecost the resurrected Christ endowed his followers with himself.
Jesus came back to life. He came back to us. He made his return, transformed. And when he had done what he had meant to do, he commissioned his followers to do what he had done in his name. And so before he made his ascent to the Father, another remove from the visible world, he caused his presence to go on. He sent his Spirit, to dwell, strength and guide us.
It is his Spirit that speaks to us today in the mosaics of his life we find in the gospels. This is where we find him. This is where his presence begins to make itself known. And then too, in the community of his followers who gather together in his name. To continue a living relationship by prayer and presence, doing as he did, singing the Psalms and recalling the history of Israel, a history that was his own.
His Spirit remains also with us in the symbols that speak his name, convey his presence and provide for us a means, a way into the reality that is the Christ-life, available to us at each turn of every waking and sleeping (through our dreams and in the peaceful rest that allows the Spirit to take hold of us, to make his unhampered claim upon our lives). To make its imprint upon our souls, so that waking we sense that indeed something, someone has changed our lives.
Like Yahweh of old, his is not found in wood or stone so that he might be found in our hearts.
His Spirit is not all invisible field/meadow/pastureland.

(To be continued)

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3 thoughts on “Captivated by Christ – Part I

  1. Reblogged this on thinklikegodthinks and commented:
    It is obvious that the Church has failed to appreciate the enormity of John3:3-6. And so numerous Christians live carnally because we do not have a revelation of the discussion between The Lord and Nicodemus. Matthew 22:29
    Also, in general we have failed to appropriate the awesomeness of what happened to a Christian at the point of salvation – POS.
    1. The manifestation of the Spirit ushered us into a Life in the Spirit but the experience was bottled up because the ministers and leaders too failed to live upon this foundation. Acts 2
    2. Our life as Christians onwards needed to be lived in accordance to John 3:5. In other words, our operational philosophy should emanate from the Kingdom of God and not from the world system. That is, we are supposed to be under the full control of the Holy Spirit ….Eph 5:18. Every time a believer is not under the full control of the Spirit he/she defaults to the mindset and lifestyle of their unbelieving self. So they make decisions in the flesh, controlled by the flesh and when they get a flesh driven result, they cry foul, why God? 1Corinthians 2:14
    3. The ultimate reason for the Godhead sending the Holy Spirit to indwell the believer, therefore, is to migrate us from the world to the Kingdom. In Luke 5:1-5, notice how the Apostles migrated by leaving their well paid professional job. The goal is to develop the believer into a man/woman of the spirit. Such a one is constantly full of the Holy Spirit, full of faith and full of integrity. Acts6:3-5, Acts 11:22-24, Acts13:1-3
    4. To attain this level, requires a paradigm shift in our relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Life in the spirit is the sum of = walk in the spirit + work in the spirit + think in the spirit + live in the spirit. This can only be attained when there is a daily pre-occupation with one’s purpose for life.
    5 Lastly, a believer who desires such a life has to stimulate spiritual growth by establishing a spiritual presence, constantly refreshing his/her human spirit every 1hour or as convenient in the beginning. This refresh takes the form of chatting with Holy Spirit, expressing love to the Godhead, discussing issues for solutions, engaging in a Q&A on matters, deferring decision and choices until He has spoken or instructed, eulogising through worship and thanksgiving. This is the price to pay to become a man/woman of the spirit.

    From then onward, the Holy Spirit takes full control and life in the spirit has just begun!

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