The Christ-self Discourses

IMG_2206   Before continuing on to the remaining letters of St. Paul I wish to pause. I want to take a summer interlude to explore one of Paul’s primary themes: the Christ-Self. To live in Christ is the resounding phrase that permeates all of St. Paul’s letters. It is this hidden self of Ephesians that I understand to be the Christ-self. Paul is paradoxical, complicated, contentious and contradictory. Because of this he is often misunderstood. It is this misunderstanding of his writing both by the earliest purveyors and shapers of the budding Christian faith and contemporary audiences that has distracted us from hearing true meaning, wealth and richness of Paul’s message. There is a depth and breadth to his single-minded devotedness to faith in Christ I’d like to see salvaged from the ruins of two thousand years of institutionalization of his writings.
However, I trust that reading all of Paul’s letters, chronologically and within the context that they were written to the people he cared fiercely and passionately about, has provided a better understanding and appreciation of what Paul was about.
To that end, I want to write a series of blogs now that focus on the centrality of the Christ-self in his letters. And how to understand this – not as a concept – but as a lived and living personal reality, that has the possibility, to the extent we are aware and make ourselves available to it, of informing and shaping not only our faith-life, but the totality of our lives, physically, psychically, spiritually and emotionally. In other words, the totality of our being. Because this is the Christ-self.
This series will follow something like this:
In Christ
The Christ Life
Spirituality as Creativity
The Sacred Self


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